New Zealand’s Hells Pizza is definitely no stranger to the Barely Legal™ wave. They have well and truly brought edginess to the pizza game. Their advertising has always been controversial, check out some envelope pushing billboards here.  Antipodeans, however, have a very permissive sense of humor and I always find myself wondering how their stunts would fly in the US.

What I DO know, is that if you get the mystery slice that has the drops of Ghost Chili sauce on it… You will not only see through time, you’ll wish you could turn back time and make a better choice.

The Ghost Chili may have just been surpassed as “the World’s Hottest” by the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chili, but don’t let that fool you.  I have seen youtube videos of people eating this thing and they are terrifying.

We all know that the USA has been described as the most litigious country in the world, so I bet you are wondering if you have to sign a waiver before you take delivery of the pizza. Weeelllllll… hmmm. It seems to use the same rebellious humor as all their other marketing. The disclaimer warns that the pizza chain will not be responsible for hundreds of kooky, humorous outcomes: “loss of mental faculties, emotional damage, eye bulge, alien abduction, muffin tops, mermaid tail, the weather and bank fees” for starters.

In my opinion, Aust/NZ sportsmen have to be some of the most macho in the world, yet this youtube video of the unlucky member of the Wellington Firebirds Cricket team who get “THE slice”, is enough evidence for me to know that I would not risk the challenge. The Barely Legal™ wave is about boundary stretching, and many brands are proud to be “bad boys”. The Human Truth™ is: “I like to step over the line, but only in short bursts.”™ I guess in this case, there is a 1 in 8 slice chance that you will truly end up in a PIZZA HELL.


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