This is one of those headlines you read and can’t quite fathom. It made me think it was somehow an old post from years ago, but no, it was posted today. “New York Opens Its First Gay Boutique Hotel

Really? You are telling me New York City, in the year 2012 didn’t have a Gay Boutique Hotel till now? Seems so crazy to me. Gay tourism has been a “thing” for over 20yrs now.

The Out NYC opened earlier this year, situated in Hell’s Kitchen in the heart of New York City. What makes this hotel stand out from the rest, is that it’s the first hotel in New York to caters specifically to the LGBT community. The boutique hotel hopes to attract the millions of gay tourist who visit New York annually. Its modern amenities include hot tubs, private courtyards, a wellness center, sunbathing desk, and its own nightclub.

The Out NYC also won’t discriminate anyone that wishes to stay as a guest as the hotel is also “straight-friendly.” Co-owner Ian Reisner commented that:

This project has been in the planning for five years, and after 18 months of construction, we are proud to announce the opening of the city’s, and maybe even the world’s, first gay focused, straight-friendly, urban resort.”

Perhaps what sets this hotel apart is the inclusiveness of heteros. Not that I would mind some reverse discrimination to make up for the horrible persecutions this community has endured, but from my experiences, that’s just not the gay way. My lovely LGBT friends think life’s a party and everyone’s invited.

Even though the We Are Family™ wave is about specific groups connecting through commonalities, the examples we put in this category are never really about excluding others. They are more often than not, positive endeavors that engage people through their passions and sense of identity. I have a feeling business will be booming at Out NYC. Not only because gay tourism has been so successful, but because I’m sure the Human Truth of this wave will apply to how this hotel makes their guests feel: “When I’m here, it feels like home.”™

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