I’m not a morning person. But if I could roll out of bed into this shower I would be quite ok with getting up early. I’m going to put aside the fact that installing this shower is complete fantasy land for most people. I can only imagine that the installation alone would be astronomical, and using that many jets would seriously jack up the water bill. Knowing me, I would be so “blissed out” I’d fall asleep and wake up freezing because the hot water has run out.

“First unveiled at a trade show in Basel, Switzerland a few weeks ago, the shower looks like a tanning bed mounted to the wall, but features an array of shower heads controlled by the company’s Ambiance Tuning Technique system. Think of it as an inverted version of the Bellagio’s fountains, as the various shower heads can be programmed and choreographed to cycle through different intensities and water temperatures.”

The Private Pampering™ wave is not about petty things like “logistics”. We are talking about dreams here, aspirational moments of imagining yourself doing something decadent. Maybe you are one of the few people that could actually afford this shower (if so, drop me a line *wink*), but the majority of us will just look longingly at the pictures, show our co-workers, then sigh wistfully as we pin it on Pintrest.

Exclusivity gives “luxury” it’s value.

Aspirational shopping is on the upswing as the economy improves. I predict many people will feel like rewarding themselves after controlling and stretching every penny for so long. Perhaps not by installing this shower per se, however it may inspire a trip to the spa, or spending more for the fanciest bubble bath. Whether you have a little or a lot, the Human Truth™ of the Private Pampering™ wave is the same: “I don’t need it, but I’m worth it.”™

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