We live in a throw away society. Anyone who has seen the mountainous landfills where our trash ends up can’t help but realize the way we package things is so wasteful. Over packaging is a pet peeve of mine. That’s why this cute little gadget made me smile. It’s a way to turn citrus fruit into a natural juice box.

“Just take the Gurefuru Chuchu, use the “leaf” to open up a little hole and then insert the main character-themed part (“Mr. Gurefuru”) into the top of the fruit. Twist him round lots of times for around one minute to churn up all the insides of the fruit and then take him out again. Now just use a conventional straw slurp up (“chuchu”) the delicious and refreshing juice you’ve created!”

Yes, from the blurb you can probably tell it’s from Japan. If super saccharine, kooky Japanese commercials with hi-pitched, annoying jingles don’t drive you completely nuts, then feel free to see it in action here.

If Mr. Gurefuru isn’t quite your style, this idea may work for you. Larger water bottles have a more pronounced punt—the cone shaped dimple in the bottom of bottle. Cut it off and it can easily serve as an impromptu juicer, and you are re-using future land fill. If you want something a little more permanent… Scott Amron sells nice looking, simple,  juicers that he’s fashioned from old water bottles for the whopping sum of $6.50.

Green Hot™ is one of the easiest waves to understand. It’s about ideas that strive to  “protect the planet”. It’s also feeling good about making choices that move us towards that goal. Sometimes people get overwhelmed by “going green”…They have the impression it’s about major life changes.  When it comes to reducing packaging waste, these juicy lil’ ideas may be simple, but it’s amazing how every little bit helps.

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