I’ll just come out and say it. I hate the “sport” of hunting. I’m one of those people that is fine with hunting for food. Most indigenous cultures have a respect for the animal and use every part. And after living in the Mid West for a while, I understand that many people eat the quail and deer etc. that they shoot. In fact, I would much prefer that than the idiocy that I have seen many urban people treat their meat in those sterile supermarket containers: “Ewww I just hate to think that this actually came from a living thing, but it’s so yummy.” I also think everyone should be taught exactly what industrialized meat producers actually do to the animals, and how it ends up on the plate.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s discuss this product that is looking for funding on Kickstarter.

“The KillShot is a rifle-shaped digital camera that’s designed to let hunters shoot photographs instead of bullets without losing the feel of working with a rifle. Designed to look just like a standard hunting rifle, the camera features a scope with crosshairs on top that serves as the viewfinder. The resulting photographs serve as trophies for your kill that offer proof of your skill at stalking and outsmarting your prey. A $150 contribution will pre-order one for you if the fundraising is successful.”

My first thought is that if I showed this to any of the huntin’ folk I’ve met… They would split their sides laughing. As noble as this idea is, REAL hunters are not their market. You might as well put on some heels and sip a cosmo if you’re going to show up at the next BBQ with photographs of deer you could have killed, but didn’t. I’m just being honest.

However, I’m thinking this could forge a whole new market: Hipsters!

The current craze of amateur photography has companies and apps like Instagram, Path, Hipstermatic, Twitpics etc. have been booming! You only have to scroll your Facebook feed to know that. And you know creative types would think that… like… killing stuff… is waaay heavy dude.

Things they do love? Nature, sharing their photography and self righteousness.

Flexible Flux™ is about managing internal approval. It’s about finding good stuff in the bad in order to feel ok about your choices. You may want to stalk prey in the woods and hold a big scary rifle, but not want the consequence of blood and guts. KillShot is a way to experience the thrill of the hunt, but you don’t have to fear Bambi’s Mom haunting your guilt ridden dreams.

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