Here’s something that takes viral marketing in an interesting direction. In fact, I’d go so far as to call it guerrilla marking.

“Forever Wild, a rhino protection initiative created a campaign called “YouTube Interventions.” The insight was that people say they have no time for serious stuff, yet they spend hours on silly online distractions. So over 60 trending YouTube clips were downloaded and uploaded again with an additional message.”

Basically, they have hi-jacked the most viewed, inane YouTube vids along with their original name and tags so their video comes up in search queries. It plays as usual for a while then it cuts to disturbing footage of dying rhinos that have had their horns cut off for the black market. It educates people on the the serious threat of extinction with in 10yrs or so. They then provide an easy way for people to take action. They needed signatures for a petition to be presented to US Congress, and had a budget of $0.

Ogilvy Cape Town helped them with a Trojan Horse campaign that may have annoyed some, but it overwhelmingly touched the consciousness of many more people who were forced to confront the amount of time spent watching frivolous vids. Over 11,000 Facebook likes and 300,000 views later, their signatures had increased 400% and they had a strong case to present to congress later this year.

With a total of $0 spent.

Flexible Flux™ is an interesting wave. It often takes the “Trojan Horse” approach to doing something good. Whether it be sneaking vegetables into your kids food or vitamins into a cocktail, it’s about the Human Truth™: “I want some good stuff even in my bad stuff.”™ Forever Wild sneaked a good dose of reality check into these silly videos to great effect. Very Clever. Watch their video about the campaign here.

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