Let’s face it. They don’t call it the 99% for nothing. Most of us see will never see the kind of wealth it takes to afford a Bugatti Veyron. This sort of unthinkable wealth is currently floating just off Venice Beach, CA right now. A rumored Russian Vodka mogul has decided to parade his 300 million dollar mega yacht in front of us drooling masses here in LA.

Well, The iBuiltit™ wave is about achieving what you want in your own way. By that I mean the Human Truth™ is: “If you won’t find a way, I/we will.”™

So you want a Bugatti? Well an innovative fabricator on eBay can help you at least look like you do with something that “upgrades” your bomber.

I found this kit on a blog that follows luxury items called luxurylaunches.com:

“The $4,500 kit gives your $1,600 Civic a get up of a $1.6 million supercar and comes with a total of 8 fiberglass pieces. Also, the kit works only on two-door Civics manufactured between 1992 and 1995.”

Now, don’t expect your old Honda to pick up its skirts and run around the asphalt the way a Veyron does it. The heart and the insides of your car remain the same.”

As Jalopnik says more pointedly:

re-bodying a Civic as a Fauxgatti in this terrible way is such a bad idea it’s a good idea. Like a bacon cheeseburger between two Krispy Kreme donuts it’ll probably kill you, but there are worse ways to go.”

I floated this out to my social network, and most of the comments were that it looks pretty sweet on the surface but “It’s a Fail if you get it for anything other than pure novelty.” or “This is like pretending you’re not wearing a toupee.”

Well I’ve seen some pretty convincing toupee’s but I guess the point is, if you want something bad enough go ahead and make it, and make yourself yourself happy. The essence of this wave is “personal adaption through need or desire”.  As someone who can’t always buy what I want, I’ve always found DIY to be a pretty cool way to approach things.

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