I came across this quote when researching a recent blog about Lagerfeld: Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.’ – Karl Lagerfeld

My chuckle was wiped off my face when I looked down at what I was wearing. I will admit when I’m at home,  comfort often wins out over…um…dignity. I will also admit to watching the Forever Lazy infomercial (it’s a fleece onesie for adults) and reaching for the phone until it was swiped out of my hand by a caring friend.

Well if you’re a 9-5 “suit” guy who loves being as comfy as I do, check out these bad boys:

“Made from high-end French terry fabric, the Dress Pant Sweatpants from San Francisco-based clothing firm, Betabrand, were designed to give ‘boardroom style” with “bedroom comfort”. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, rest assured that these trousers will make any day feel like Casual Friday. But no one will be the wiser.”

Scoff about these “undercover sweatpants” all you like, but I went to their site and lo and behold! They have had substantial media coverage which is no doubt the reason they are currently SOLD OUT:

“HOLY CRAP! We have sold through two entire productions runs in less than two weeks. Now we are racing to make more pants. The final batch of the season will be avail. Late March. Pre-order now to reserve yours!”

It’s site has many more innovative menswear examples that I’m going to look further into. They obviously take comfort very seriously because they also have a specially designed corduroy pant that “drastically reduces the average wearer’s crotch heat index (CHI) reading by up to 22%.”

The Pacifiers™ wave is filled with things that “soothe and comfort”. Usually these things come hand in hand with making allowances for guilty pleasures or sacrificing style. Looks like Betabrand is a company who doesn’t believe that should be the case. COOL!

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