High Fashion is always pulling stunts. It’s about making their brand “aspirational”. For instance, many people can’t afford the luxury lifestyle but will hold it up as something they aim for…They save and save, to one day make that one big purchase.

There is also a trickle down effect that the big, avant garde fashion week shows have on “regular people’s” lives. The colors, hem-lines, themes, fads and trends all make their way through our department stores and finally end up dying an unceremonious death on a discount rack at ROSS dress for less.

Well, Karl Lagerfield’s latest launch, a new line simply called: KARL, is pure Deity Complex™ wave, and I wouldn’t expect anything less. The Deity Complex™ wave is all about “you”. The Human Truth™ is: “My world, my way.”™ That is very much the mantra of Mr. Lagerfeld and if you weren’t sure, watch this video of him interviewing himself… About himself.

The video serves to remind me that high fashion is as self absorbed as those that make it. “KARL” has never made any apologies for that. Even though he has stooped to shill for Coca Cola, VW and even has an affordable line sold through Macy’s, he still maintains that haute couture should only be accessible to the privileged few, because he believes we all need to aspire to greatness.

I came across a blog of his controversial quotes and found a few that sum up why he epitomizes the Deity Complex™ wave:

“I’m like a TV antenna; I catch it all and do it MY WAY.”— Karl Lagerfeld

“My greatest luxury is not having to justify myself to anyone.”— Karl Lagerfeld

“Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbors you are doing well.”— Karl Lagerfeld

“Personality begins where comparison ends.”— Karl Lagerfeld

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