Wooo! Board games just got a whole bunch cooler. Hasbro has merged the  iPhone, iPad or iPod into the game play.  The utilization of these gadgets is a great idea.

“The first enhanced title released is The Game Of Life which moves the spinner to the iPad and plays hi-larious clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos as you progress through the game. It’s available now for $25, minus the cost of the iPad of course.”

In June a Monopoly will be available that uses iPad, iPhone or iPod and turns them into a portable banking unit that will foil any underhanded bankers and keep track of every players funds.

Then in September Battleship will hit stores and will utilize the touch screen a lot more:

“It will include special ship playing pieces that are automatically recognized and tracked by the iPad when they’re placed on its screen. And it’s probably a safe assumption that the game will include over-the-top animations and sound effects as you wage a fictitious sea battle on your opponent.”

The Private Pampering™ wave is not about purchasing out of need. It’s buying something because you really want it, not out of necessity. The Human Truth™ is: “I don’t need it, but I’m worth it.”™ We’ve been playing these games for years just fine, but you have to admit, this adds another layer of coolness and interactivity.

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