Even though people are divided on the new Facebook Timeline, along with it came something that you can’t deny is a good thing.

You’ll find the first 3 portals for non-profits under the category of “Giving” in the new App Gallery.

“…two of the apps focus on social fundraising (friends asking friends to donate to causes and their favorite nonprofits) and one is a simple Share-on-Facebook-that-you-donated app. Likely just the first of many new “Giving” apps to come to Timeline, nonprofit social media practitioners would be wise to get acquainted with the new Timeline Apps to best prepare for when Timeline comes to Pages (not confirmed, but highly likely). That said, in reference to the social fundraising apps, according to Network for Good social giving is on the rise with an average donation of $52 (as of Q3 2011).”

These initial apps are called: Causes, FundRazr, Artez Interactive. Apparently, these work well for nonprofits that respond to crisis, organize fundraising events like marathons or do social fundraising inside of Facebook.

The Human Truth™ of the Giving Back™ wave is: “When you give, you also receive.”™

Even the most bitter and jaded among us want the world to be a better place… (right? I mean surely they do??) Whether or not they do anything about it is what non-profits battle against everyday. Making it as easy as humanly possible for people to donate is the key to overcoming this. With the amount of time people spend on facebook, we have seen the dramatic rise of so called “one-click activism”. Some people may say this breeds a kind of charity ADD that doesn’t lead to lasting patronage. However, the most well known of the 3 is Causes. It was the first fundraising app launched inside of Facebook, since its founding in 2007 it has raised more $40 million for over 27,000 nonprofits. That is more than a little note-worthy.

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