When I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 2 years I never needed to drive a car… Not even once. There are trams that come every 10mins and some buses are even more regular. The rest of the time I was on my bike. When I tell my LA friends this, they look at me with a blank stare and say things like “that could never work here.”

Ok whatever.  Lets look at some amazing advances in public transportation from “somewhere else”.

“China has made a momentous step forward for public transportation by unveiling the world’s largest bus – the Youngman JNP6250G. The megabus Superliner is 13 meters longer than regular city buses, and it can transport up to 300 passengers in a single trip. A fleet of the new buses will make up the Bus Rapid Transit service in both Beijing and Hangzhou, where populations are high and urban living creates great demand for public transportation systems. The sprawling bus is 82 feet long, and its top speed is only around 50 mph. While other methods of green transportation are faster, the megabus hardly crawls down the highway. Inside, the megabus is much more comfortable and also more wheelchair friendly. The aisles are widened for navigability, and a pavement level step makes wheelchair boarding much easier and faster. 40 regular seats line the bus, and five doors make it easy to enter and exit the vehicle.”

London has also upgraded their iconic red double deckers:

“The new version of the iconic bus features two staircases and three doors – enabling travelers to once again hop on and off whenever they want! Apparently the new bus will also be fuel efficient, saving 15% more energy than the existing hybrid buses and 40% more than the conventional diesel versions.”

I LOVE the asymmetrical design of these big reds!! The designer Thomas Heatherwick said:

“It has been 50 years since a bus was last designed and commissioned specifically for London. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a team to look again at the opportunities for a new open-platform bus. It has been an honor to be asked by London’s transport authority to take an integrated approach and design everything that you see and experience from the outside down to the tiniest details of the interior.”

Green Hot™ is, of course, about protecting the planet. I think it’s great that design that also looks “hot” is often part of the equation these days.

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