Yay! Can we be done with cupcakes now?

Sorry cupcake fanatics, but I’m kinda over trawling through what seems like infinite articles on bacon and cupcakes.

I’m ready for a new food fads!

Well, apparently “artisan marshmallows” are forecasted to be the sweet food craze of 2012. Recently featured by ABC’s The Chew where they featured a whopping two-pound s’mores-flavoured marshmallow by Plush Puffs as part of their feature looking at “the newest sweet fashion.”

The Plush Puffs site reveals they’ve been getting a lot of media attention lately. They say their vision is: “To offer the highest quality, all natural, intensely flavored marshmallows ever. This is a marshmallow that is not only good enough to eat on its own, but amazing when melted in hot drinks, used in any number of recipes and/or roasting applications.  Each flavor is actually intensified when it is roasted. Quite simply: we want to provide a product that delights the senses.”

When you think of a food that’s a good Pacifiers™ example, marshmallows are a good fit. They make you recall childhood around a cozy campfire and yummy, warming cups of hot cocoa. The essence of this wave is things that soothe and comfort. When you bite down on these fluffy little pillows perhaps the Human Truth™ of Pacifiers™ happens to you: “Make the world go away.”™

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