Like Oprah, I have a lot of favorite things. In this case, a bunch of them of them are coming to together in a wonderful way.





Fine Dining

The Princess Bride


“Quote along” movie screenings


O to be in Austin, TX with a beau on Valentine’s Day!

The Alamo Draft House is an notoriously cool cinema in Austin known for their cheeky “turn your phone off” ads that went viral. If you haven’t seen them check ’em out here. (language warning)

But back to the topic at hand. To celebrate V day they are doing a screening of the classic childhood favorite (of my generation at least) of The Princess Bride. Not only that, but they are throwing a PRINCESS BRIDE Quote-Along Feast with a themed menu featuring things like: “Screeching Eel Salad~ The eels didn’t get a chance to eat Princess Buttercup but you’ll get a chance to eat them!

They have even produced two varietal wines to be paired with the meal that will only be on sale for 2012.

“fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, miracles and–most importantly–TRUE LOVE! We love this movie every bit as deeply as Westley loves his Buttercup, and so when we discussed launching our very own Alamo Signature Wine collection, we immediately knew that we had to start by featuring none other than THE PRINCESS BRIDE. We partnered with the good people at Helms Workshop to produce artwork for two varietals, and this February we are pleased to introduce the world to The Bottle of Wits, featuring an Inconceivable Cab and the As You Wish White!”


The Dvr Lifestyle™ wave is about picking the good parts -in the way you can fast forward or rewind a DVR. By that I mean, age is no barrier to doing what you want to do. In this case, it’s “grown ups” revisiting childhood and shouting out familiar lines from a fairytale at the screen, while eating Twue Wuv Twuffles. Sigh, how romantic! Great job Alamo Draft House for doing Valentine’s right… Unlike some other businesses.

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