The Holiday Season is a time for coming together.  Here’s two brands that are doing just that.

Nestle Crunch has partnered with fashion label Paul Frank on a limited-edition run of their 2.75 oz. chocolate bar. The official collaboration sees the traditional Nestle Crunch bar, a milk chocolate and airy crispies-concoction, decorated in a truly festive holiday-card jacket.”

A holiday card with a sweet twist!
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Lets be honest, fashion is a hard business to stay at the top of.  Trends come and go so fast.  One day you’re “in” and the next, as Heidi Klum says, “you’re out.”  So I’m not surprised Paul Frank is keeping Julius the Monkey out in the public eye in this kind of way.   Picking up a Nestle chocolate is A LOT cheaper than a Paul Frank outfit too, so you can get the appeal of Paul Frank for less.

Co-branding is nothing new, and this isn’t exactly “clash of the titans” in the way that Apple & Nike came together for their Sports Kit- a wireless system that allows shoes to talk to an iPod.  However, this lil’ holiday collaboration is a cute way to stuff a stocking.

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