A family in England are offering their donkey’s stable for people wanting to experience the “true meaning of Christmas“.

For £12 a night during this holiday season people can bed down with Buggins the donkey and, by the looks of it, sleep on a bed of hay.

And for anyone not keen on forgoing their modern conveniences it even has wireless internet and ‘mood’ lighting. Shepherd costumes and bath towels are available at an additional cost, but traditional ‘Christmas lessons’ are free of charge.”

Now before you get all bah humbug and say this is cashing in on Christmas, you should know that the host couple are both doctors who intend to donate any money they make to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

The stable to manger transformation was the idea of their daughter-in-law whose aunt died of leukaemia. Their hope is to re-ignite peoples understanding of the spirit and story of Christmas while donating to a good cause.

The Inner Balance wave is about finding a deeper meaning. Here we have a family that wants to do just that. The festive season can mean drunken office parties, crazed holiday sales and bickering at the dinner table to many people. The Human Truth of this wave is: “Without meaning, what’s the point?” As I suffer through some hideously garish TV advertising while I write this, I find myself asking the same thing.

I mean seriously, T Mobile, “Walking in a 4G wonderland”?? Yeesh! (My friends all agree it sounds like “orgy wonderland”, so at least we get a snigger.)

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