Even though I don’t have anything to hide (well not much), I still hate people peering at my laptop screen when I travel. I’m sure you’ve had that feeling on public transport or a plane, where you’re certain that someone is reading over your shoulder. It just weirds me out. I guess the case of that despicable pedophile who just got busted for viewing child porn on a plane by the person sitting next to him is a lucky exception. I’m glad he wasn’t using this innovation…

An Instructables’ user who’s known as dimovi, has figured out a way to turn an old LCD into a privacy monitor with content visible only to the person wearing a pair of special glasses (which he also made). Old LCDs are fairly easy to come by these days. By following a his (apparently) simple steps, your screen will become “for your eyes only”. Anyone else will only see a white screen.  Click here for video.

According to dimovi, all you need for this hack is paint thinner (or some other solvent), 3D glasses, as well as an X-Acto knife. The key is polarized film, which is normally used to filter backlight from what’s actually visible on the screen.

iBuiltit is a wave where we find clever people that identify a hole in the market. They want something that doesn’t exist yet, or is out of their price range. These DIY’ers strive, in often ingenious ways, to build what they desire. The Human Truth is: “If you won’t find a way, I/we will.” There have been some instances of hacks that have gone on to make millions because it’s an idea that takes the marketplace by storm. The “why didn’t I think of that” syndrome.  However, many people who embody the iBuiltit wave are simply happy to have something that fulfills their needs.

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