Every company wants the most out of their employees.  However,  a burnt out employee can fast become a liability. We have noticed many ways of dealing with over-worked workers. But maybe you don’t have a Google sized budget to install a cool recreation area, or perhaps you think your employees might abuse their “nap room” privileges. Well,  Volkswagen’s plan to un-plug their staff, might be more your style:

“Volkswagen has agreed to deactivate email on staff BlackBerries in certain German plants outside of working hours. Under the agreement, staff will receive emails on the smartphones from a half hour before work until half an hour after work, but will receive no emails the rest of the time. The company said, “mobile communication devices offer a great amount of freedom, but also embody the risk of no longer being able to switch off.”

The Moment Momentum™ wave urges us to slow down the pace of life. It’s being pro-active about seeking serenity. Look, I’m definitely the kind of person that usually can’t help but check every time I get an alert for an incoming email, tweet or Facebook notification. But even if it’s a just cursory glance, it is taking you out of the moment to some extent right? The Human Truth™ of this wave is: “One must take time to reflect.”™

Over this holiday break, I’m sure many people have finally wound down enough to reflect or take stock. Perhaps, enough to pencil in “quality time” on the list of new years resolutions.

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