“Customers can buy a glass of wine or a domestic or seasonal beer at a Lafayette, Ind., restaurant that fuses a conventional White Castle with a new concept for the company called Blaze Modern BBQ. Wine costs $4.50 and beers start at $3.”

I guess I just can’t picture sipping wine at a White Castle but perhaps these Blaze Modern BBQ’s will have a bit more “ambiance”.    I’m less surprised that Starbucks is also trialling alcohol at a few locations to boost evening patronage:

“The coffee giant has for the last two years been testing a more community-oriented store concept to boost after office hours traffic, the Chicago Tribune reports. Aside from the usual line-up of pastries, these stores sell savory, small plate options and beer and wine in addition to the selection of coffees and tea. The Seattle-based chain has also been trying out live entertainment, including music, poetry readings or theatre.”

T.G.I Friday’s is going the other way and trialling brunch, while MacDonald’s is making it’s oatmeal available all day.

These companies are wanting their businesses to become more Clockless™. Clockless™ is about catering to consumers that live the Human Truth™: “I want what I want when I want it.”™ In this wave we see brands, products and services that strive to be available to their customers whenever they need it. Whether that means finding 24hr solutions or offering something unexpected that saves an extra trip, they attract the patronage of a hyper-life consumer that doesn’t let the clock tell them when it’s time to buy.

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