Happy iHolidays!!

Yes, that’s the term Nielson has coined after reviewing the results of their latest Christmas “wish list” survey.  Apparently our kids and teens are more about tech gadgets than ever before.  Apple devices are dominating the letters to Santa.

44 percent of kids ages 6-12 want an iPad.  30 percent want an iPod touch, next comes the iPhone at 27 percent.  Teenagers are also so hoping for iPad (24 percent). You would think gaming consoles would be way up there, but the second most wished for item among teens is a new computer. Interestingly, (or perhaps reassuringly), teens are also showing a strong interest in eReaders this year (18 percent).

After studying the infograph, I couldn’t help but think how lucky some kids are, and it made me consider the Private Pampering™ wave. This wave’s Human Truth™ is: “I don’t need it but I’m worth it.”™ I mean, besides the new computer, these electronics are probably more of a “want” than a “need”.  I remember losing my mind when I woke up Christmas morning to find a bike.

Maybe owning something like a bike or skateboard is just a “given” these days?  Perhaps that’s also why Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii consoles are far down on the list this year… I mean do you know an American kid that doesn’t have at least one of those?  Jeeze, a bunch of kids these days grow up with at least one parent who’s a gamer.

We marvel at our iBabies that intuitively navigate iPads and operate the iPhone with an ease that makes their grandparents heads spin.  It seems this iHoliday Season will continue to arm our techy kids with the tools of the future.

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