As much as older generations love to indulge in the eye-rolling “kids these days” mentality, Millennials have been identified as being quite socially conscious. So much so, that many brands including JCPenney, Macy’s and General Mills launched back-to-school marketing initiatives that are tied to youth-oriented social causes.

JCPenney’s “Pennies from Heaven” campaign uses a JCP Rewards incentive, a custom website and TV and print ads to support local after-school programs. Along with this, the company also launched the “Daydreamer” campaign featuring direct mail, email, online display, TV and print ads. “Daydreamer” promotes kids’ creative aspirations while highlighting the retailer’s back-to-school clothing line.”

Macy’s partnered with a youth volunteer organization called “The in-house initiative is using direct mail, email, mobile and social media to urge youths to participate in volunteer activities. 
 “We have been interested in doing something in cause marketing for youth and Millennial customers for awhile,” said Holly Thomas, VP of media relations and cause marketing at Macy’s. “They’re active and want to support brands that are doing something to make a difference.”

Personally, I’m unsure whether our young’uns are self-actualized enough to grasp the Human Truth of Giving Back™ which is: “When you give, you also receive.” However, I’m pretty sure they understand, and are wanting to embrace the essence of the wave, which is a simple truism: “Making the world a better place.” Just like Obama, they are are inheriting quite a few challenges.

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