I’m kinda loving the directions Puma has been going in the past couple of years. I was a fan of their “Puma Social” that fit right in with our Clockless™ wave. They weren’t winning the sport shoe game so they went after the fashion/ night life market: “We applaud the champions of late night games, from ping pong to foosball to phone numbers, and we wholeheartedly encourage the 5AM cab over the 5AM run.”

Their latest win has been described as not only industry-leading but world-leading in the realm of sustainability initiatives.

“From groundbreaking environmental profit-and-loss statement to green packaging plans to a commitment to zero toxic pollution by 2020, the sportswear company has made big strides on addressing its environmental impacts. “We are confident that in the near future we will be able to bring the first shoes, T-shirts and bags, that are either compostable or recyclable, to the market,” Puma boss Franz Koch told the German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche. He explained that the company was working with partners on developing products on the principle of the “cradle-to-cradle” design. “It follows two circuits, the technical and the biological: I can use old shoes to make new ones or something completely different, such as car tyres,” said Koch, who has led the sports clothing company since July. “In the biological cycle, I can make shoes and shirts that are compostable so I can shred them and bury them in the back garden. We are working on products that meet these two criteria.”

We live in a world where far too many brands get away with greenwashing because most consumers are apathetic enough to be convinced by packaging that’s green and white with a plant of some description on the label. We also live in a world where regardless whether you believe that climate change is real (it is), the amount of food waste, landfill and planned obsolescence is not only sickeningly short-sighted, but downright evil in my humble opinion.

Green Hot™ is one of our easiest to understand waves. It’s about saving the planet. There are so many examples of brands, product and services that are really trying to do just that. Let hope we can truly add Puma to that list. I would love nothing more for their claims of “compostable” to actually hold up, ahem, unlike certain bottled water companies recently sued by California.

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