I went to concert recently, it had been awhile since my last live gig, I was excited. The lights dimmed, the curtain went up and the hypnotic beats of Phantogram rang out over the awesome sound system. Normally this is the point where peoples arms would go up in the air to clap and cheer.

This time, I noticed almost EVERYONE in the crowd raised their smartphone and began recording a video or snapping a pic.  Ok, I get wanting to snap a pic and share it with your friends… “look, I am at this awesome gig!!” Sure.

However, the videography lasted the whole gig… there was a girl in front of me getting an audio recording on her blackberry. Really?

I couldn’t help thinking, are you actually going to go home and listen to that crappy, overblown recording tonight? Are you guys really going to upload these poor quality, shaky videos with terrible audio to youtube? How about just live in the moment and go home and have awesome memories of a full bodied experience?

And it’s not just music concerts. I watched baseball’s Game 7 and every time they cut to the crowd, people were recording and watching the game through their phones!

If they didn’t, perhaps we wouldn’t have some of the amazing viral videos that we see where something really unexpected happens, but that surely can’t be the reason. Not everyone is filming every event they attend on the off-chance that some thing will go terribly wrong or awesomely right?

To use the famous hippy words of Ram Dass, why can’t we just: Be. Here. Now.

It reminded me of the Inner Balance wave’s Human Truth™, which is: “Without meaning, what’s the point.”™ My feelings on all this concert/event videography is that it takes you out of the live experience…which leads me to say: what’s the point?

Why pay for gas, battle traffic, find a parking, navigate crowds, line up for restrooms etc etc, if you are watching the whole thing through the back of a smart phone? Perhaps in our endeavors to capture the moment, we are actually missing the moment?

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