Google are known for having some of the coolest workplaces on the planet. From riding scooters to get around, cafeterias that would put most restaurants to shame and games rooms to blow off steam with co-workers.

Well this photography blogger had the opportunity to tour Google’s Zurich offices and he was struck by a nap room which employees used when they needed a “brain-break”.

“There were soft water-sounds wafting about, and everything was very zen. You can choose whatever sleeping arrangement you like: the porcelain tub filled with red foam cubes, the leathery massage chair that doesn’t ask questions, or many more..”

There have been many studies that tout the benefits of a power nap when it comes to productivity.  I’ve previously mentioned a place called Yelo, located in the the hustle and bustle of NYC, that offers a chic sensory appealing place to grab a power nap.

A commenter on this article summed up my thoughts on the “Chill Vat”:

Adam Allegro “What an awesome room. I think many companies (including the military) could take a page from Goog’s fabulous work. I think a little 20 minute nap is so healthy, and has the ability to increase productivity tremendously. That is the same amount of time some people go to smoke, BS around the water cooler, or mess around on G+ (me included, usually a bit more than 20 min… There is such a negative feel associated with “taking a nap” in the workplace, when it has been proven that nothing but good can come out of a 20 minute snooze… Some food for thought.”

This idea might be at home in the Moment Momentum™ wave, which is about taking the time to reflect. However, the fact that this is about “checking out” for awhile makes me think it’s actually better in the Pacifiers™ wave. The Human Truth™ of Pacifiers™ is: “Make the world go away.”™ It’s about things that soothe and comfort.

When it comes to a stressful day at the office, this room is more about a quick recharge of the batteries than a place to go soul searching, or slacking off for hours.  Oh, did I mention they have a slide too?

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