Girls talk about guys.  FACT.  Many of us love to match-make too. We discuss our relationships… often in gory detail. Sorry guys, but your girlfriend/wife’s friends probably know more about you than you would be comfortable with. The thing is, women like giving and receiving advice from our girlfriends. No-one knows us like our friends and it’s much cheaper than a therapist.

Here is a startup that wants to use Facebook to harness the power of the female urge to “boy talk”, match-make and give referrals. LikeBright is a new style of dating site that invites women to refer and vouch for their single male friends.

Apparently, you sign in with Facebook which gives you a page that shows only your male friends . You then click on men to vouch for. The next step is to vouch for the guys chosen — doing so puts the (customizable) phrase “I vouched for you on LikeBright” on their respective walls.

One of the founders Nick Soman, formerly a senior product manager for the Amazon Kindle says “Social networks can be simple, social and safe, but they don’t have the tools we’re building to make dating easier for women.”

Now of course guys can opt out and will be aware of what’s being said, when and by whom. As a single gal, I think it’s a great idea. You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep and how they are spoken about when they’re not in the room.

That’s why even though we are not talking about “brands”, I think this fits nicely into the Brand Sanctuary™ wave. This wave is about using trusted names as a safety shield. If someone had several glowing testimonies from gal pals who think he’s a great catch… that would go a long way in my book.

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