The Body Warranty™ wave is filled with evidence that helps us strive for physical greatness.  The Human Truth™ of this wave is:  “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™

Well the Japanese have found a way to multi-task daily life and exercise by wearing fortified underwear.  Yes, you read that right:

“The new underpants, from the Tokyo-based Goldwin company, claim that the average 10 stone man who walks 90 minutes a day while wearing them can lose 210 kilocalories weekly – the equivalent of half a litre of beer. Key to the technology implemented in the underwear – which cost £23.52 (Y2,940) and are currently only on sale in Japan – is a resin which is printed on fabric to prevent it from stretching. “The Calorie Shaper Pant technology focuses on the hipline which is the area used by people when walking and climbing stairs. The material here is non-expandable which means they must use their muscles more.” He added: “Calorie burning clothing and footwear are becoming increasingly popular in Japan.” The underpants also boast deodorizing particles, increasingly popular in salaryman clothing particularly during summer months, to keep the garments fresh.”

Apparently this is just the latest in several fitness products that are targeting Japan’s increasingly overweight population.  The backbone of Japan’s economy is its salarymen—white collar workers who think nothing of working 16 hour days and six day week.  Doesn’t leave much time for hitting the gym, so it’s not surprising that calorie burning underwear is getting attention.  However, I’m pretty sure wanting to combine fitness with daily tasks is a universal desire.

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