Who’s excited about the new Muppets Movie!!??  Meeee!  And apparently a BUNCH of brands are too!

Brooks Brothers have dressed Kermie in several outfits in the upcoming film. He’s looking very dapper in a custom-made notch lapel “Fitzgerald”-style tuxedo, pleated tuxedo shirt and butterfly bow tie, and a second outfit pairing a Brooks Brothers flannel coat and trousers with navy pin-striped cashmere scarf.  Adorable.

OPI nail polish has been inspired to release a color called “Fresh Frog of Bel Air”.  Adidas Originals debuted the Superstar 2.0 Kermit at the beginning of the month. The shoe color is fairway-green suede with running-white accents, there’s even Kermit’s signature felt collar over the tongue and the phrase “The Original HipHop” emblazoned on the side in gold lettering ($80 for adults, $50 for children’s, at Adidas’ e-commerce site).

I even saw a some cheeky Muppets gatecrash Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Time Travel™ is about connecting over memories.  The Human Truth™ is: “By using the past as a sanctuary, I feel more connected to other.”™ Brands love movies like The Muppets because it embodies what most brands would love to be… Iconic.  To attain a loving, warm place in people’s hearts and memories is a rare thing these days.  That’s why when something as “feel good” as the Muppet Movie comes along, brands are rushing to be associated with the fond reminiscences.

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