Do you cringe when you see retailers dragging out the Christmas stuff as soon as they’ve taken down the Halloween decorations? Does holiday muzac make you want to stab your ears with a rusty nail? Are you the type that loves your friends and family, but HATES battling rabid crowds for presents that you don’t have time to buy?

Well, London-based apparel brand Topshop has come up with a service that will feel like all your Christmas presents have come at once:

Topshop’s personal shopping team will handpick gift items, based on a buyer’s requirement, and wrap each item individually. If the buyer approves of the selection, the wrapped presents will then be shipped out and arrive at the receiver’s doorsteps on Christmas Day. For a minimum spend of £200, Topshop’s personal shopper service helps shoppers cut precious shopping and decision times, taking the stress out of the festive shopping season.”

I wonder why Topshop aren’t offering this handy service in the USA? Perhaps it’s because they mainly sell through Barney’s Dept. stores over here. They might not currently be able to handle the demand of the American market? I think it would be huge! Because even though shopping concierge services exist here, they are usually considered out-of-reach luxury services. Most people end up spending way over $250 on presents for everyone, so I consider this well within reach of a lot consumers.

Choice Choke™ is about making choices easier. Topshop has demonstrated that they understand the Human Truth of this wave, which is: “I don’t need more choices, I need help choosing.”™ Lets hope other savvy brands are ideating ways to make overwrought consumers lives a little easier this holiday period.

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