Tesco, the British retail and grocery chain continues to dominate when it come to tech innovations.

I was impressed a while back by their cool QR code virtual shopping wall that turned up in south korea subway station. Commuters waiting for their train can scan the code of any product they would like to purchase, adding it to their online shopping cart. After the web transaction is completed on their smartphone, the products are delivered to the user’s home within the day.

Well, now they have integrated AR (augmented reality) technology into their online shopping. They have launched a cool way to “view” before you buy that doesn’t underestimate the adoption rate of their online shoppers.

“The technology requires a browser plugin. After that, consumers have to use a “marker” like a Tesco catalog or club card to active the augmented reality (AR). Users can then hold up images from the catalog to their computer’s webcam to see a floating 3D version of the product.”

For anyone who’s intimidated by this process they have made a very accessible and easily understood video to ease them through the process. View it here.

The Virtual Merge™ wave is where the virtual world meets the actual. The Human Truth™ is: “ I’m in the real world, and I’m bringing the internet with me.”™ I know for a fact my world is “virtually merging” more and more all the time. One of the main benefits is convenience… something we all find helpful these days.

Furthermore, not being able to “see” a product fully is one of the main reasons why people prefer to shop instore, these kind of ideas may well bridge that shopping gap. Kudos Tesco.

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