This is a movie franchise that knows their demographic well.  In fact, they celebrate being a “Stoner Movie.” They gleefully play to the flip side of “Family Friendly Holiday Cheer” in the way that Bad Santa and Christmas Vacation have done in the past.

With this latest promotion they are targeting college campuses (surprised?):

“Plan on getting mistle-toasted this fall? The Harold & Kumar Munchies Truck will be rolling out the 12 Days of Christmas on a nationwide tour and wants to stop by YOUR school to spread some holiday cheer! Vote for your college in the participating cities below for a chance to receive a visit from The Harold & Kumar Munchies Truck – the schools with the most love may score some free munchies and killer schwag (given away on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last, to those 18 years of age or older), including screening passes to see A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas in theaters for you and some of your fellow students!”

Barely Legal™ is the perfect home for this piece of Life Evidence™. This wave explores all things edgy and taboo. Lets face it, this decades”taboo” has evolved (or devolved?) more than last decades, and so on and so forth down through the ages. If Culturewaves was around in Victorian times, we would be posting about the latest scandalous women’s swimwear that shows a bit of leg.

So here we have it. A movie, and related marketing campaign, that embraces it’s pot smoking audience and unashamedly uses their terminology. Check out the pot-leaf laden website and play “Bong-a-long” if you so wish. Interestingly (to me being in LA), it’s looks like our rivaling colleges have exactly equal amounts of munchies!! Guess the Harold & Kumar Munchies Truck will be making two stops!

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