This resonated with me because I had an experience on Los Angeles freeways last week that made me glad the traffic was just crawling along at walking speed. I had a big day filled with chores and I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was until I got into my cross town commute, my eyes were literally shutting. I had keep shaking myself awake and turn the radio up in between yawns. Not good.

“In the age of multilingual GPS devices, driver seat massages and cruise control navigation, it was only a matter of time before manufacturers developed drowsy driver alerts. That’s right – technology to tell you when you’re in danger in nodding off behind the wheel, bringing you back to full attention through dashboard icons and warning alarms.”

Mercedes and Saab have models that come inbuilt and there are “$250 dashboard devices, like the Danish-made Anti-Sleep Pilot set for U.S. release in the coming months which uses sensors charting 26 different factors to detect tiredness. Drivers using that product also have to tap the sensor every 10 to 15 minutes, with reaction times measured.”

I was shocked to learn that an estimated 100,000 driving deaths a year may be attributed to sleepy driving.

Guarding is about being proactive against fear and danger. Its about finding products and services that you feel confident will save you from harm. In this wave we have already seen many innovative safety components being developed for cars. Like this technology for a steering wheel that reads the blood alcohol level through your skin.

The Human Truth of this wave is: “If something is after me, I’ll be ready for it.”™  However, in these examples, the danger they are saving you from, could be yourself!

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