With the internet absolutely flooded with tributes, tweets and articles about Steve jobs and his amazing legacy…  you could be completely forgiven for not wanting to read another one.

However, as long time followers of this blog would know, I’m a “dyed in the wool” Apple Fangirl and I simply can’t let the moment pass without writing about how Steve Jobs created one of the greatest examples of Brand Sanctuary™ the world has ever seen.

The Human Truth™ of the Brand Sanctuary™ wave is simply: “I count on your brand not to let me down.”™ On Monday, some were disappointed that there was no iPhone 5 announcement, despite all the superior functions of the 4S.  Now the childish whining about the 4S not “looking different” has been silenced by the bigger picture.  This man created a brand that changed the way we interact with technology.  This brand has changed the world as we know it.

I was really touched by this email tribute from Quentin Kenihan, Australia’s most unique celebrity. For many years he featured on national current affairs programs as he struggled to overcome his severe disability.  Quentin who was not expected to live beyond early childhood, captured the nation’s heart with his wit, humor and never-say-die attitude.
He sums up why a brand like Apple has such a personal relationship to their fans:

“Dear Apple,

As a disabled person with brittle bone disease finding a computer that assisted me was always a challenge. I needed something small, lightweight and powerful. A friend then emailed me the commercial for the Apple iBook that featured Verne Troyer. The next day I got myself a 12 inch iBook and suddenly my world opened up. As I grew to learn and love Apple I began to realise that Steve Jobs didn’t create things for someone. He created them for everyone. As the years passed by I would stay up into the early hours waiting for Steve’s latest keynote and get goose bumps when he’d announce, ‘Just one more thing.’ I became a Mac man. I got an iPhone, iPad, Apple Tv, MacBook Pro. All of which helped me connect better with everyone. Steve was a man that lived in today but dreamt for tomorrow. He inspired me to use the technology to strive for the better, dream big and let my creativity soar. 

As I write this I have a tear rolling down my face. The profound influence of his life is not lost on me and I am humbled and grateful to have been a supporter of him and Apple. His death is sad, so very sad. However, today I shall celebrate what Steve meant to me, to everyone.

To all the employee’s at Apple, today you have lost a fearless leader and good friend. I grieve with you but ask you that you continue to create Steve’s vision of tomorrow with excellence. 

To Steve’s family, I am so sorry for your loss. Words can’t express what you must be going through but please take heart in the fact that your beloved Steve changed the lives of millions. He changed mine so I thank you too. 

I will not desert Apple in Steve’s passing. I will continue to follow Apple towards a brighter tomorrow. Please keep Steve’s legacy alive as we the consumer and friend will too.

Thank you for allowing me to send this to you.


Much love,

Quentin Kenihan

Adelaide, Australia”

RIP Steve.  You did more than “not let us down”, you inspired us to be better. Thank you.

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