Scanning For A Perfect Fit

I HATE SHOPPING FOR JEANS!!! I guess I have “unusual” proportions, because its always a chore to find the right fit. That’s why when I saw this article I immediately had to check if it was real and not just … Read More

The “Artisan” Craze

USA today recently had a good article on the explosion of “Artisan” products that has taken place recently. Tostitos Artisan Recipes chips? C’mon really? Everyone from Domino’s to Starbucks is cashing in on the word which calls to mind images … Read More

What’s New At NEXT? Childhood!

Mac & cheese, burgers, Autumn “walks in the woods”, lunchboxes, fruit roll ups, beef jerky, Oreos, berry juice boxes, Brussels sprouts, licking batter off a beater, campfires, s’mores, hot chocolate. Ahhhhh… Childhood. The widely respected Chicago restaurant Next, will be … Read More


This is a movie franchise that knows their demographic well.  In fact, they celebrate being a “Stoner Movie.” They gleefully play to the flip side of “Family Friendly Holiday Cheer” in the way that Bad Santa and Christmas Vacation have … Read More

Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit

Personal trainer Drew Manning is a man on a mission. The pic on the right is NOT the before pic! For the last few months he has been eating “sugary cereal, soda, chips, white bread, white pasta, pizza, cakes, cookies, … Read More

Modern Day Slavery

Recently, a friend had a rant about internet activists that rail against “modern slavery” and American consumption of slave made goods. His point was that it’s all hot air unless they are offering a solution. He was questioning the logic … Read More

What Is Biophilia?

Green Echo™ is such an interesting wave to me, but at first glance, one could dismiss it as fancy art or science projects. Well, I came a cross a fine example of Green Echo™, that shows you specifically how nature … Read More

Cars That Know When Your’re Drowsy

This resonated with me because I had an experience on Los Angeles freeways last week that made me glad the traffic was just crawling along at walking speed. I had a big day filled with chores and I guess I … Read More

Texting Over Talking

One of my friends had a minor “rant” on Facebook the other day that I’m sure he wouldn’t remind me repeating here: “Soapbox of the day: The advantage of texting is that you can relay information on your own time … Read More

October POV

People have been bootlegging music, movies and video games for years; it was once a somewhat difficult process, but with software such as Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools, it’s easy enough a tween can utilize it. “Do-it-yourselfers”(D.I.Y.’ers) that create prop and costume replicas are already using a 3D modeling program to build efficient plans for their projects. Give them an at home 3D printer and they’re set. … Read More