Toys seem to feature heavily in the Time Travel™ wave. It’s not surprising really when you think about the nostalgia for childhood that they embody. And boy is nostalgia a strong feeling, with powerful connotations. I think Don Draper says it best in this clever mash up of him pitching Facebook’s new Timeline format! Watch it here, it’s awesome.

My brother had a big flashback that got him excited when I told him about the first Power-Con/ThunderCon. He was obsessed with He-Man! And has a enormous collection stashed away in his garage (which he speculates might be worth a pretty penny now!)

Power-Con/ThunderCon is the first convention in the U.S. catering to the fans of Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats.
Apparently, unlike other conventions it was really only filled with people of the 30-something demographic specific to the cartoons glory days:

“Power-Con/ThunderCon was the rare convention where most of the attendees appeared to be from our generation pop culture fanatics. There were very few children there. Those who attended seemed to be tagging along with their parents, unaware of the fuss over vintage toys that can now cost as much as several hundred to one thousand dollars. Unlike an anime convention, the teenage contingent was non-existent and, unlike PowerMorphicon, there the under-25 crowd was thin.”

The Human Truth™ of the Time Travel™ wave is: “By using the past as a sanctuary, I feel more connected to others.”™ You think that was the vibe at this convention? You bet it was.

Don Draper makes an extremely convincing case about the past as a haven for safety and familiarity. He-Man’s famous catch-cry is: “BY THE POWER OF GREY SKULL!!!!”
Now, how will you harness the power of the Time Travel™ wave?

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