I came across this cool bar in Los Angeles that’s a really great example of the Green Hot™ trend called UpCycling.

Salvage Bar & Lounge is the brainchild of Nocturnal Entertainment Group. The group saw a fantastic location, and the discarded remains from the recently redeveloped property, as a chance to create something completely original, unconventional and sustainable. The NEG team has been able to take its years of experience in the nightlife and real estate worlds to create a fascinating and serene atmosphere which allow patrons to constantly discover new details while enjoying reasonably priced beer, organic liquors, or specialty cocktails. Solomon Mansoor, both a principal of NEG and the designer of Salvage, recognized the ravaged building pieces as a treasure trove of beauty and history coming together to create a stunning and distinctive design concept which is unrivaled.”

UpCycling is not only recycling, it’s giving old materials a makeover making them worth a lot more than they were – even in their original form. This cool bar is filled with such things. Located on the ground floor of the Roosevelt, they used their imagination when looking at all the “junk” salvaged from the building’s 2008 renovation and made it into something modern and chic.

Green Hot™ is about protecting the planet, but it doesn’t always have to be about making sacrifices or “going off the grid”. UpCycling is a way to reuse, that embraces hip and smart design that gives old things new worth.

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