What CAN’T we do with our smartphones these days?? I just heard about a new app that makes standing at a jukebox and pouring through heaps of outdated songs… a thing of the past.

Roqbot; has just launched in participating LA bars. It’s a smart phone app that is basically a digital jukebox, that allows bar patrons to peruse 6 million tracks and pick music without leaving their booth.

The basics are pretty simple: when you get to the bar (more and more are signing up each day!), check in (a la Foursquare) and search their extensive cloud music service (plus Last.fm, iTunes, and Facebook favorite bands) for the song of your choice, pop it into the queue, and wait for all the other patrons to start a slow clap as soon as they hear the first few bars. But wait, there’s more: you can also gain credits towards moving your song up the list via options like giving an email address, rounding up votes from other patrons, or dropping cash, plus while you’re scrolling through songs, you can see exclusive, Roqbdot-only drink specials displayed by the bar.”

This is a great example of entertainment that is pure Pop Up Lifestyle

The Human Truth™ of the Pop Up Lifestyle™ wave is: “Meet me where I am.” It’s about bringing the product or service directly to the customer, in this case right to their dining booth. The essence of this wave, and really, the essence of this idea too is: Intersecting the consumer in their comfort zones.

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