My last long term relationship was a bit of a traditional role reversal thing. Yes, I dated a metro-sexual. One of his favorite activities was shopping. He loved any kind of shopping – clothes, furniture, décor, garden stuff. I guess we had an “opposites attract” thing because I could probably make a list of 30 things I would rather do. Anyway, when I saw this video about an Australian IKEA’s new Mänland I couldn’t help but think… that’s where you’d find me!

But I know HEAPS of women who would think a creche for husbands and boyfriends is a godsend.

The “play space” comes complete with Xbox consoles, flatscreen TVs, arcade machines, a foosball table, and free hot dogs. You know — man stuff.  Unlike its kid counterpart, Mänland is not supervised, but women are required to return and collect their significant others within 30 minutes. Not to worry — a complimentary buzzer offers a friendly reminder to those who might forget.”

Retailers always have to be creative to keep people in their store for longer. The longer you are there, the more comfortable you are, the more enjoyable the shopping experience… the more likely it is that you will feel good about spending money.

IKEA has embraced the Guys & Dolls™ wave with this latest innovation. This wave is about having fun with gender stereotypes. Men being macho; women being feminine. Of course there’s exceptions to the rule (me being a case in point), but generally speaking most people can, at the very least, see the humor in these kind of things.

So next time I see a poor “manly man” sitting uncomfortably in a shoe store, holding all the bags and looking like a kidnap victim, I’ll think to myself: “I bet he wishes this Mall had a Mänland”.

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