You SHOULD know about Occupy Wall Street but maybe you don’t. The under-reported police brutality exhibited during last weekend’s protests maybe be viral all over the world but it’s definitely not headline news here. Don’t worry I’m not going to rant about what it’s all about and why we should care. Nor will I go on about how hypocritical it is that Twitter will claim kudos for connecting the people during the “revolutions” in Iran and Eygpt, and yet seemingly block #OccupyWallStreet as a trending topic because of vested interests.

I will however, alert you to the growing trend of Hacktivism and Pranktivism because it fits perfectly into the Corporate Hating™ wave. Take for example, this recent publication of Beautiful Trouble, A How-To Project for Activist Pranksters By EDW Lynch.

It ties together often disparate and underground movements and showcases them in one interesting and inspiring book that is looking for support on KickStarter.

“From prank websites to militant carnivals, flash mobs to virtual sit-ins, social activism has a creative new edge that is melding prank and PR, direct action protest and pop art. More and more, activists and artists find themselves together on the barricades. But in the heat of battle, the principles that make creative actions successful seldom get hashed out or written down — until now. Beautiful Trouble will arm our movements with their own best weapons.”

For many years these groups have been dismissed as unorganized “radical fringe” elements, trust me when I say, they are growing and even mainstreaming in ways even I couldn’t have imagined.

I mean it’s really not hard to understand. The Human Truth™ of the Corporate Hating™ wave is: “I hate being treated like I don’t matter.” Now, how many people do you think feel that way, in these times of widening economic gaps and unease about a myriad of issues? Perhaps you even know someone who’s attended a protest or “day of action” on an issue they feel strongly about… and it’s someone you didn’t think would do “that sort of thing”.

My advice to anyone bringing a product, service or new business innovation to market would be:

Be a solution. Be a point of difference to the objects of peoples anger. Most of all, don’t wait until people start screaming at you before you start listening.

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