There was a fun marketing event in Santa Monica, CA last week that I was almost tempted to take part in.  I would have been there with bells on if I had woken up that day and thought to myself… Yes, I will park my car and walk down the street in my underwear in order to score some free clothes.  That didn’t happen for me, but it did for a bunch of keen individuals who turned out for the Desigual Undie Party. And they have the swag to prove it.

The store offered a free outfit — top and bottom — to the first 100 people who showed up …
… in only their underwear and from the looks of it, the shop was swamped with skivvy-donning young people hoping to get that ensemble. Some were there since 9 p.m. Monday and camped out on the street overnight.  My Fox 11 reports that 200 half-nude people showed up. By our count that’s 100 people who took off most of their clothes for no reason.
The first 100 got to grab outfits worth as much as $1,000. The store was nice enough to reward the near-nudity of the second 100 with a 50 percent-off discount, however.”

I suppose it’s not really that different to what we wear on the beach, but somehow gallivanting through the streets in your underwear is that one step beyond.  That little bit “over the line”.  Which is what the Barely Legal™ wave embraces.  It’s about boundary stretching.  The Human Truth™ is: “I like to step over the line, but only in short bursts.”™ The Undie Party appealed to people’s love of free stuff, but also that titallating urge to do something a little taboo.
Free stuff and bare skin… usually a winning combo!  “Desigual: Atypical Spanish Wear Since 1884” is a cool global brand that’s clothing people all over the world… by getting them half-naked.

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