Joyus is simple: Fashion-loving women in their 30s, with disposable income, are digitally native and totally used to shopping online. They naturally turn to their computers or mobile devices for distraction and entertainment, but they don’t have much free time, so they look for entertainment and information they can consume in short bursts.”

Well I guess I fit the demographic (except for the disposable income part) so I checked Joyus out.
As expected, there were many articles of clothing that I wouldn’t buy unless I was after an “investment piece”, but I have to agree this site is pretty cool. Unlike a lot of smaller fashion sites, they definitely have the clout to attract some of the most respected and interesting designers. This made the video of them describing their collections and highlighting their favorite pieces and why, quite engaging and informative.

The Choice Choke™ wave is about making life easier. We live in a world of “Option Overload” and this is very much the case for women and shopping. Some people see pouring through magazines and keeping up with the various fashion weeks as a hobby, but a lot of us either don’t have the time or interest.
This helps you stay fashion forward without taking a backward step.

The site recruited a popular and savvy fashion blogger Gina Pell from Splendora (which Joyus acquired earlier this year), and she conducts the interviews and keeps them short and easily digestable segments. Then if you see something you like… Bam.. hit the link and buy the item.

The Human Truth™ of Choice Choke™ is “I don’t need more choices; I need help choosing.”™ and this is a prime example of that kind of business model.

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