MY FACEBOOK FEED IS FULL OF BABY PICS!!!!!!!!  It seems like everyone I know is reproducing.  Of course they are all adorable bundles of joy and a blessing, I’m not going to be the “snarky anti-kids blogger” here, but man…  this service really jumped out and appealed to me!

It’s a clever subscription service that sends the new (and probably overwhelmed) parents a pack of useful items at various stages of the child’s growth.

“Only items recommended by real parents get chosen for Citrus Lane boxes, the company says; no paid product placement is allowed. Each box features a theme appropriate for the child’s age. For example, when baby is one month old, Citrus Lane’s gift box focuses on welcoming baby home, while month eight is all about making dining out with a baby less stressful and more fun. Boxes start with newborns and go all the way up to when the baby is 18 months of age. Whatever the stage, each one includes four or five useful baby products that are top-rated by Citrus Lane’s community of parents along with parenting tips tailored to the child’s age and stage. Boxes are available in three, six or 12-month gift subscriptions for USD 25 per month or USD 250 per year.”

The thing is, I’ve been to new parents houses/apartments and no matter how organized they are, it always looks like a Toy’s R Us bomb has hit it. Well meaning friends and family inundate them with “stuff”.  The Human Truth™ of the Filling The Void™wave is: “It’s what I do to get by.”™ I think this is a great way to help overwrought couples “get by” in a way that brings true relevance and helpfulness to gift giving.  Parenthood aside, I think that’s something we are all looking for right now, relevance and helpfulness.

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