The Power of Nostalgia

Toys seem to feature heavily in the Time Travel™ wave. It’s not surprising really when you think about the nostalgia for childhood that they embody. And boy is nostalgia a strong feeling, with powerful connotations. I think Don Draper says … Read More

Hacktivism and Pranktivism Getting Organized

You SHOULD know about Occupy Wall Street but maybe you don’t. The under-reported police brutality exhibited during last weekend’s protests maybe be viral all over the world but it’s definitely not headline news here. Don’t worry I’m not going to … Read More

Roqbot: The New Jukebox?

What CAN’T we do with our smartphones these days?? I just heard about a new app that makes standing at a jukebox and pouring through heaps of outdated songs… a thing of the past. Roqbot; has just launched in participating … Read More

Sneaker Shrine

San Francisco-based product designer Fernando A. Robert must really be proud of his shoe collection. I get it. That is to say, I know A BUNCH of guys who are card carrying SNEAKERFREAKERS. When I saw this,qwq I immediately forwarded … Read More

Curated Fashion Meets Online Shopping

“Joyus is simple: Fashion-loving women in their 30s, with disposable income, are digitally native and totally used to shopping online. They naturally turn to their computers or mobile devices for distraction and entertainment, but they don’t have much free time, … Read More

Better Photography Is Saving Lives

This piece would be just as at home in the charitable Giving Back™ wave, but it’s also an unusual example of Buff Culture™ so I’d like to explore that. By unusual, I mean that it’s not about some new beauty … Read More

Mänland: A Creche For Men

My last long term relationship was a bit of a traditional role reversal thing. Yes, I dated a metro-sexual. One of his favorite activities was shopping. He loved any kind of shopping – clothes, furniture, décor, garden stuff. I guess … Read More

Salvage Bar & Lounge

I came across this cool bar in Los Angeles that’s a really great example of the Green Hot™ trend called UpCycling. “Salvage Bar & Lounge is the brainchild of Nocturnal Entertainment Group. The group saw a fantastic location, and the … Read More

Bad Service: The Tale Of The Tron Suit

I have a friend who has set out on an interesting DIY journey. It all began with the search for the perfect Halloween costume. He’s a big fan of TRON and was stoked to find an amazing leather, fully functional, … Read More

Party Away The Apocolypse With Porn Stars

I came across an article with a headline that made me do a double take: “Porn company builds porn bunker to ride out forecasted apocalypse” OOOOOK. Turns out the folks at Pink Visual are 2012’ers and are doing something about … Read More