Private Pampering™ is not about needs… it’s wants.  You might need food but you want to treat yourself to a gourmet meal. You might need clothing, but you want the designer esteem boost.  Well that’s why these glasses fit perfectly into this wave.  Designer 3d glasses.  In a vending machine no less.

Some may even argue 3d movies are Private Pampering™.  I mean, you CAN watch a “normal” film, but you want the sensory appeal of the 3d experience.  If that’s your “M.O” then you may just be the kind of person that wants to commit to investing in a pair of 3d glasses that are much slicker and fashionable than the generic (now practically defunct) red and  blue lenses.

“Moviegoers in California have the option of purchasing the 3D eyewear featuring Marchon3D’s patented, circular lens technology, which allows users to tilt their heads or look around without affecting the 3D perception. The vending machine sports an user-friendly touchscreen interface and stocks a number of EX3D glasses in various colors and styles. Prices run from $22 to $70 for limited selection varieties. The glasses are compatible with most 3D televisions, gaming systems and laptops as well, so users can take them home for future use

I know quite a few people who indulge in Private Pampering™.  The Human Truth™ is “I don’t need it, but I’m worth it.”™ They make the point to me (their penny pinching friend) that it’s about an investment, a commitment to a lifestyle that makes them happy.  So I totally “get it”, it’s not always about extravagance, it’s about spending your money in a way that you see fit.  It doesn’t have to be about Cartier watches and Lambourgini’s, it’s sometimes about finding indulgence in the everyday.

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