Ok Forest Gump, you ran across the USA… now how about doing it across Australia in a Storm Trooper costume?? Huh??

Yeh… Didn’t think so.

That’s right folks one man is doing a challenge so great, that it’s almost inconceivable.

Jacob French, an intrepid Aussie, is walking across Australia while wearing Star Wars stormtrooper armor for Starlight Children’s Foundation -a  non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with chronic and life-threatening medical conditions.

“Starting in July 2011 I aim to walk from Perth (Western Australia) to Sydney (New South Wales). Over the course of the trek I will cross 4 states and cover approximately 5000km’s in modified stormtrooper armor. The plan for now is to push a lightweight buggy with needed supplies an average distance of 35-40km’s for 5 days a week until the trek is complete.”

That’s about 25 miles a day which will make up 3,107miles total.  That’s a few hundred miles off LA to NYC… and most of it’s the outback.

Why a Storm Trooper you ask? Well that’s simple, it’s his hobby:  “I am a member of the worldwide “501st Legion”, a volunteer organization that wears quality star wars outfits for Star Wars related events and as a means to contribute to their local communities through charity work. My involvement with the 501st Legion has been a fantastic experience and I have had plenty of opportunities to put on my suit of armor and entertain the public.”

Giving Back™ is about making the world a better place.  The Human Truth™ is:  “When we are giving, our lives have more meaning.”™

Jacob French, or should I say “TK-6283 “  has found a way to merge his giving back with his fandom, and I really think the Force Is With Him.

Follow his trek and donate here.

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