You know, a lot of evidence in the Guarding™ wave tends to be quite serious.  The Human Truth™ is:  “If something is after me, I’ll be ready for it.”™ It’s not usually the place to find quirky or cute designs.  That’s why I like this Smoke Detector Chick-a-Dee.

“Chick-a-Dee is unique because it combines lifesaving technology, that adheres to the latest safety standards, with a friendly and modern design. The small bird is perched on a branch, which also serves as the fixture that is easily mounted to the ceiling. Just like birds in the wild warn with their loud calls when danger threatens, Chick-a-Dee will warn its cohabitants. At the slightest sign of danger, the bird will respond with a loud alarm signal.”

Just because something has a “heavy” kind of purpose doesn’t mean the design has to match.  Like these cute band aids.  I usually love it when form and function are juxtaposed.  Seeing things in a new light is always fun.

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