I knew it would be a large number but a whopping 75 percent of office workers eat lunch at their desks as often as two or three times a week.  From my experience, it’s usually about having a big work load coupled with the fact that it can take a lot of time to drive somewhere, stand in line, order, wait for it to be prepared… by that time you usually don’t have time to eat-in (or heaven forbid) find a nice park to get some fresh air!

Well the founder of Flip Video is using his tech experience to make  it easier for people to get the most time out of a lunch hour. Pop Up Lifestyle’s™ Human Truth™ is “Meet me where I am.”™ And for most of us that means behind a computer or on our smartphones.  The Melt is a casual dining chain that all about “meeting us there” and expediting our lunch break.

“The custom mobile ordering app “that allows customers to remotely place a meal order from their computer or mobile phone and pick it up.  When ordered via the mobile application, the customer will receive a QR code on their smartphone that can be scanned at any restaurant location, allowing them to pay through their phones, skip the line, and pick up their freshly made order within minutes.”

They plan to open 500 of the grilled cheese themed restaurants over the next five years.  Yum, by the look of that sandwich I’d be really happy about getting that cheesy goodness asap!

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