Deity Complex™is about IDENTITY STAMPING.  Now every pet owner I know sees their animals as an intrinsic part of their life, or even as an extension of themselves.
You only have to search the tag “pets” in the CultureWaves World Thought Bank™ and you will soon find out the lengths to which some people are willing to go for their furry kids.
Like this.

Or this

or even THIS.

Well now you can immortalize your beloved pet’s nose as a pendant, sterling silver keychain or even a belt buckle.  I like this as an example of Deity Complex™ because an animal’s nose is unique and special to them alone, kinda like a fingerprint.  For the besotted pet owner who has to be away from their little one while they work, or (god forbid) when they pass on to pet heaven, the loving owners will always have a solid keepsake.  It just won’t wake you up in the morning all wet and cold and slobbery.

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