Enterprising geeks turn their passion for robotics and bugs into successful and educational toy.
HEXBUG is a fun example of how Green Echo™ doesn’t always have to be about high concept biomimicry science experiments.  Like this crazy bullet proof skin idea.

“Children can design and build habitats for their Nano bugs and register them online (where there are more learning resources).”

Acting just like real bugs, HEXBUG feels its way around sensing objects in its path and avoiding them…And they can hear! You control where they scurry through a hand clap, loud noise or table slap.

Their site says: “People are drawn to the HEXBUG brand for our products’ fascinating behavior, intelligent bug-like attributes and eye-catching packaging. Some of the products are so animated, they even fool cats, dogs and some humans into thinking they are alive!”

Green Echo™ is about mimicking the natural world.  It’s a Design, Technology, Entertainment or Well Being idea that has been inspired by something in nature.  Mother Nature is a supremely intelligent lady…we really should be looking to her more for advice & inspiration.

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