On-the-go snacking has being going through it’s awkward “healthier options” overhaul phase for quite a while now.  Don’t get me wrong I think it’s much needed… I mean, you just need to see a school bus pull up and watch the kids get off to KNOW it’s much needed.
I just think there have been big hits & misses when it comes to everything from taste to packaging to marketing.

Well, I noticed this Fresh Vending concept that showcases about 400 choices of organic and natural snack & beverage options.

PSFK says: “While the machine still features cookies and crackers, these will be from brands that use only premium, all-natural ingredients, such as sugar instead of corn syrup. The vending machines is also equipped with dual-climate capacity, making it possible to store a wide range of healthy food, from soymilk and fresh fruits to granola bars and potato chips.”

Flexible Flux™ is about JUSTIFIED COUNTER BALANCE.  If you’re going to do something that could be considered “bad” then choose the option that’s not “as bad”.  Kinda like all those ladies who order 5 vodka lime and sodas instead of 5 whiskeys, or guys who get “salad” on their burger.  Ok, those might be extreme examples but it’s all about rationalizing decisions.

When people head to a vending machine it’s because they have few options based on time or location, so providing healthier options will no doubt be successful.  I’d like to see it go even further with regard to freshness.  The French know what I mean, check out this vending machine that pops out a freshly baked baguette!  Merci Beaucoup!

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