Bluebrain (brothers Hays and Ryan Holladay) are doing something that really got me excited in a way that doesn’t come around too often.  It’s that kind of feeling you have when you hear of an idea that is so original and cool that you feel equal parts jealousy and respect.

They composed music while walking around and immersing themselves in DC’s National Mall. Then “created an app containing a map of the spots that uses GPS to track where you are, prompting the music to change accordingly.”

So you essentially experience the music in the spot it was created, while experiencing first hand the environment that was inspiring the sounds.  I want to do this!

Well, New York city gets to have the next “Location Aware”, Bluebrain, immersive, musical gps experience: “Currently, the brothers are working on a new album/app that will be tied to New York City’s Central Park, scheduled to come out in October. While the Mall album was more heavily electronic is sound, the Central Park version will include a lot of strings and will play on all the hidden spots secreted away in the famous park.
“We had never composed music this way,” Ryan Holladay says, explaining how location greatly impacted the contents of the album. Unlike the previous projects we’ve mentioned, in this case the app/technology portion of the project drove the way the music was created, rather than being created to complement that music.”

What a beautiful example of the Virtual Merge™ wave which deals with: TANGIBLE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES. Where the actual world meets the virtual world. Wandering around experiencing monuments, landmarks or even  little out-of-the-way spots where the music from your headphones is completely complementing and augmenting your journey.  What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

For a sneak peek of the Central Park release CLICK HERE.

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